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Freedoms 2018

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While or after reading Night by Elie Wiesel students used their knowledge of the book to respond to one of the following prompts.  They were to create their project as a Blog Post, Podcast, Video, or some other teacher approved format.



  • Address the following in a journal entry about freedom: How do you define freedom? What freedoms are important to you? How much freedom should people have? How is your freedom limited?
  • If you were forced to give up your home, possessions, family, and freedoms, what affect would this have on you?
  • Describe a time when your freedom was taken away from you. Have you ever been grounded, told you could not do something that you wanted to do? What was your response?
  • Do you have more freedom or less freedom than your parents had at your age? In what ways might your freedoms be different from theirs? In what ways might your freedoms be similar to theirs? Why?
  • How much freedom should people have? When is it okay to limit freedom? When is it not? Provide examples from texts, movies, speeches, historical events to support.



Student Projects


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