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Psychology Videos

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The purpose of these videos is to enhance the psychology unit by adding visual examples of what we discuss. If you would like to add to the content, please see Mr. Salvucci or e-mail me at dsalvucci [at] nbasd.org


Freud's Defense Mechanisms.


2008/2009 Videos


A video on "Displacement" can be found here.  *Blip.tv has since disappeared.


Another video on "Displacement" is located here.  Blip.tv has since disappeared.



2009/2010 Videos


Video Tutorials


These pages explain Freud's Defense Mechanisms


Videos on Denial can be found here.


Videos on Projection can be found here.


Videos on Rationalization can be found here.  (There were not any projects completed on this topic.)


Videos on Regression can be found here.


Videos on Repression can be found here.


Videos on Suppression can be found here.  (There were not any projects completed on this topic.)





---Video Quizzes


---This page contains video quizzes for Defense Mechanisms.


---Here is another example of "Displacement." Guess whether it is positive or negative.  *Blip.tv, where this video was stored, has since disappeared.






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