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BHM 2020 Period 7

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About the Project


The guidelines below show how to successfully complete the assignment.
Each will be done INDIVIDUALLY or in GROUPS of up to THREE. Students will randomly pick one person and one event for their newscast from the approved list.

Presentation Videos will:

Create using Touchcast or some other free video app.

Contain a title.

Contain a summary of importance.

Summary may be organized in any LOGICAL FASHION.

You have the ability to be creative. ie. Chronologically, Who What When Where Why, etc…

Explain impact on society of events era.

Explain impact on society into the future.

Show images of the person/organization/event. You must have permission to use images, use CreativeCommons.org or Google Advanced Image Search to get the images.

PRESENTATIONS SHOULD NOT HAVE TOO MANY WORDS SHOWING, you can use images, screencasts, videos, etc.

If you are not appearing on screen, you should have at least FOUR images.

You will embed your WORKS CITED into the end of your video, Mr. Sal will assist you with this and show you how easy it is to accomplish.

Students will also post a reflection consisting of a summary of their project and what they learned from their research.

You must use at least THREE resources per topic in your research, images do not count towards this total. Ask.com, Wikipedia, and History.com also do not count towards this total


Links to Class Projects


     You can access Period 7's Projects here.


Student Wakelet Directions



Important Links


You can access the Digging Deeper page for further resources here.


Back to the Definitive Destination Guide.



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